Making stuff, my own way.

Unnamed project

New project that has no name or goal yet.

More info to come



This is a top-down arena style shooter

Tom(@bearwey) came with the idea to make an multiplayer spooktober game, but due to time contraints I've picked up this project.

I work on this project with assistance of him, this was a quick project to learn more about multiplayer

No download is available because the game is (currently) unfinished and abandoned



Interlinked is a game about survival, exploration and making pretty bases! Alone or with your friends. And running away from a skeleton or something.

The game is currently in pre alpha and we hope to have survival mode ready and playable around halloween.

Currently you can download our singleplayer DEMO on the right side by the imp. Once we hit the next update the game will be available from 5 to 10 euros over at once it is finished

No download is available right now



What game is this?

This is a 2d side-scrolling game about mining.

What makes this game different?

The fact that you play as a cat!

And you have to manage the way you play, you can't just fill up you inventory because you would have problems getting back to the surface.

Why are all animals non-human?

Many games are based on humans doing stuff, we thought it would be fun to use animals instead.


Darkest Night

A game I made by myself to get familiar with the Godot game engine.

You play as slimey, a slime that is born inside a cave.

But unlike other slimes, slimey has a different color and he is not accepted by the others.

Escaping! That is what slimey wants. Little does he know that the outside world has issues too.



The first game Tom and I made together.

It is based on Minicraft by Notch for LD22

Download! ...