Animated scoreboards for your server!
Create awesome scoreboards to display on your server! And switch to a different scoreboard when an event occurs.

Easy to use

Just drop PowerBoard.jar in your plugins directory and you're ready to go!


Change the way that PowerBoard looks and feels. With easy-to-use commands / configuration.


available for download and usage at no cost.

Open Source

Together we can make PowerBoard better.

Support PowerBoard

PowerBoard is free, but a donation is appreciated

PowerBoard is in development for year(s) now, and I spent much of my spare time improving and supporting PowerBoard.

A lot of hours have gone into writing this plugin and adding new awesome features.

However, nothing is free and there are costs associated to keep PowerBoard going.

PowerBoard is free and will stay free, but if you like the work that has been put into making PowerBoard, consider helping out a bit by donating any amount. All money goes to improving and upkeeping PowerBoard (and coffee).

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PowerBoard has a lot of features.
The documentation down below is always for the latest version of PowerBoard.
Scroll along to see the features of PowerBoard and get information about them.

All commands use /pb / /pboard / /powerboard / or /powerboards followed by the argument('s)