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Key Value Description
Name The name of this rank
Prefix What should show up before the player's name?
Suffix What should show up after the player's name?
Chat Color The color of the chat message
Name Color The color of the player's name
Build Allow this rank to break & place blocks?
Inheritances From what rank(s) will this rank inherit permissions?
Promote to To what rank should the player promote?
Demote to To what rank should the player demote?
Economy buyable ranks What ranks can be bought? (Vault)
Economy rank cost What is the cost of this rank? (Vault)
GUI icon What item should be the icon of this rank?


Permission Options


Key Value Description
UUID The player's UUID
Name In-game name of the player
Playtime Playtime of the player
Rank Main rank of the player
Usertag Self assigned usertag

Player Permissions

Permission Options


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About PowerRanks Editor

Web-based editor for PowerRanks

Create/Edit/Remove within PowerRanks without opening the scary configuration files yourself or using the in-game commands.

With the Web editor for PowerRanks, it becomes easy to change ranks for your server and get notified about any errors on the dashboard.

There is no need to touch YAML configuration files yourself anymore. Just click and drag things around to fit your needs.

About PowerRanks

PowerRanks is free, but a donation is appreciated

I have been working on PowerRanks as a hobby for about years now, and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon!

Thousands of hours of work has gone into writing code and providing support to make PowerRanks the best they can be for everyone.

However, as well as the time commitment, maintaining PowerRanks also has a small financial cost on my part.

If you like the work that has been put into making PowerRanks consider helping out a bit by donating any amount.